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Assault and Battery 101

Posted on : June 30, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
California Assault and Battery Lawyer

Understanding assault and battery is sometimes difficult. Often, the crimes are charged together. Therefore, many people consider them to be a single crime. The truth is, you can be charged with assault and battery separately. However, battery typically isn’t charged without assault even though the reverse is not always true. Here’s what you need to understand […]

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The Surprising Truth About Juvenile Shoplifters

Posted on : June 3, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
Pasadena Juvenile Shoplifting Lawyer

Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes committed by juveniles.  Whether for the thrill or because of peer pressure, there aren’t many other minor crimes as “popular” among teens and young adults. Here you’ll find revealing statistics and some alarming facts about juvenile shoplifters. Also, you’ll find how to help if your child is  arrested […]

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