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California Legislators Intend to Keep Young Offenders Out of Adult Court

Posted on : April 9, 2018, By:  Donald J Matson

A legislative hearing was recently packed with former youth offenders and criminal justice experts, but California legislators pushed back a bill that would keep minors who commit crimes out of those adult courts. Mandatory sentencing rules have long been a problem in California and in other states and some advocates argue that these disproportionately affect […]

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New Study Shows Problems with Criminal Justice System in Bay Area

Posted on : March 6, 2018, By:  Donald J Matson

Being accused of a crime can trigger a whole series of events that can be confusing for the accused. Although everyone accused has certain rights under the constitution, a new study indicates that it can take a long period of time for someone accused of a crime to see their case completed in California. This […]

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New Crime Prevention Research Center Data Looks at Impact of Immigration and Crimes

Posted on : February 6, 2018, By:  Donald J Matson
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If you have special immigration status in the US, you already might know that being accused of a crime comes with higher stakes than a traditional US citizen. If you’re convicted of a crime, you could be deported. In addition, officials are now taking a much tighter look at the possibility of immigrants committing crimes. […]

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New Research Shows that Crime Rates are Up in LA County and Down in California Overall During Criminal Justice Reform Period

Posted on : January 3, 2018, By:  Donald J Matson
crime rates might be down, but if you're accused, you need a defense lawyer

Across 2010 to 2016, crime in Los Angeles county, including both violent and property crime, increased by 5% even as the rest of the state experienced a downturn in crime, according to a recent report from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. They explored city crime trends throughout California during a period that is […]

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What Are the Penalties for Probation Violation in California?

Posted on : December 4, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
know what to do when you're accused of probation violation in CA

Probation Violation Penalties In California Probation may be a preferred outcome of your criminal case if you cannot avoid conviction, but it’s important that you realize the stakes are higher if your probation officer believes that you, at any time, violate the terms of these conditions. Your attorney should sit down with you and walk […]

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What Happens If You Are Arrested in California And Have an Allegation of Police Brutality?

Posted on : November 12, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
learn more about police brutality on arrest

Police Brutality Allegations It might go by like a blur- suddenly, you’re being handcuffed and shipping off to the police station. You’re not sure how things escalated or why you’re being charged, but you know things just got quite serious. This is a common occurrence for someone who has been arrested. Respecting Your Rights Even […]

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3 Defenses for Money Laundering

Posted on : October 9, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
California Money Laundering Attorney

Money Laundering Defenses While common, the white-collar crime of money laundering is a serious one. If you are charged with money laundering, you stand to incur significant fines, restitution, incarceration, and a permanent criminal record. Money laundering is charged as a felony. A conviction can affect your ability to get a job, rent a home, […]

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What Can Cause a False Positive on a Breathalyzer Test?

Posted on : September 3, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
California DUI Attorney Breathalyzer Test

Breathalyzer tests are notorious for being inaccurate. There are multiple factors that can cause a positive breathalyzer test, leading to an arrest and a DUI charge. If you failed a breathalyzer test and were charged with drinking and driving, the following could have caused inaccurate results. Elevated Mouth Alcohol Typically before a breathalyzer test, police […]

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What You Need to Know About PWID Charges

Posted on : August 13, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
California Drug Crimes Lawyer

PWID Charges: What You Need To Know PWID charges, or possession with intent to distribute, can be very serious drug crime charges. If convicted, you stand to face much harsher penalties than you do for simple drug possession charges. In fact, the punishments are more severe the more drugs are found in your possession. Here’s what you […]

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What You Need to Know About Burglary

Posted on : July 16, 2017, By:  Donald J Matson
California Burglary Attorney

While burglary is considered a wobbler crime and can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, it is more often than not charged as a felony. This crime, if convicted, carries serious penalties and consequences that have the potential to change your life. Here’s what you should understand about the crime of burglary […]

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