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Federal Crimes 101

Posted on : January 20, 2021
California Federal Crimes Lawyer
What You Need To Know About Federal Crimes Federal crimes, sometimes called “white collar crimes,” are non-violent crimes that tend to carry a hefty sentence. If convicted of a federal crime, you face significant penalties. Here’s what you should¬†know about federal crimes and how to get the legal help you need during this difficult time. […]

What to Do If You Have Been Accused of Money Laundering

Posted on : July 2, 2018
Facing Money Laundering Charges? Any person who has allegedly been engaged in a financial transaction that was intended to take money obtained through criminal activities and to use it in any way that appears to be from a legitimate source could be accused of money laundering. If you have been accused of money laundering, it […]

3 Defenses for Money Laundering

Posted on : October 9, 2017
California Money Laundering Attorney
California Money Laundering Defenses While common, the white-collar crime of money laundering is a serious one. If you are charged with money laundering, you stand to incur significant fines, restitution, incarceration, and a permanent criminal record. Money laundering is charged as a felony. A conviction can affect your ability to get a job, rent a […]