Felony Charges Attorney in Pasadena, CA

Talk to an attorney before the police

Being charged with any crime is scary enough, but having felony charges levied against you is a truly frightening experience. You may be angry, frustrated and upset, and you may be wondering what you should do next or who you should talk to.

One wrong move and you could be sentenced to years in prison!

In the State of California, felony crimes are prosecuted aggressively. Depending on what type of crime you are being charged with, you could be sentenced to:

  • life in prison
  • expensive fines
  • drivers license loss
  • community service
  • the death penalty

Felony charges are not something you can afford to mess around with, and if you have been charged with a felony crime, it is important that you seek the advice of a seasoned criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible – before you even talk to the police.

I have years of experience successfully defending my clients against a variety of felony charges and will bring my knowledge, expertise and resources to your case.

I will do everything legally possible in order to protect you and your rights, liberties and freedoms. My goal is to see that the charges against you are completely cleared, and I will fight for you in court to the best of my ability.

Don’t let felony charges ruin your life or leave you with a permanent criminal record. Call me to discuss your charges and begin building a solid defense today.  (626) 773-6965.